Beach Eats – a food truck festival every Thursday in Marina Del Rey

So I’ve been slacking on the updates. I know I know…

Anyway, we finally have something to look forward to culinary-wise in Marina Del Rey! Every Thursday in September, the Beach Eats food truck festival is happening at Mother’s Beach. What/where is Mother’s Beach you ask? Well, Mother’s Beach is a calm, waveless bay on the north end of the Marina. It got it’s name because it’s a safe place Mom’s and kids can come, play in the sand and water, and on the cool playground right on the sand.

This night I went, there were some good trucks: Bool BBQ, Lobsta Truck, Ludo Truck, No Tomatoes, Nom Nom Truck, Slammin Sliders, and Sweet Arleen’s. I decided to do it up, and stuff myself. Mission accomplished.

Here’s what I had:

I started with a Lobster Roll from the Lobsta Truck. It was good, but it didn’t blow my socks off. One thing that really stood out was the roll. Buttery goodness, fresh, and had a great flavor. The lobster was ok – decent sized chunks, but just missing something.

Next, I moved on to the Ludo Truck. I’ve been a fan of Ludo’s fried chicken for years now, and was excited to have some again. I got a 2 piece fried chicken with bernaise sauce. This definitely wasn’t Ludo’s normal fried chicken. The batter was ok, chicken cooked fine, but that bernaise sauce was SOOOO lemony. Meh.

Now on to the No Tomatoe’s truck. I haven’t had Indian food in a while, so I was excited to get the chicken tikka masala, which is one of my favorite dishes. This was absolutely delicious. They gave me a LOT of tikka masala. The chicken was cooked perfectly, the sauce was creamy, tomatoey, and perfectly seasoned. The rice was cooked to perfection. Kudos to pulling that off from a food truck.

It was a fun time out here. I plan on trying to come each Thursday.

More about the event and schedules HERE.



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