After hearing about a silver bullet trailer in South Austin that makes donuts the size of my head, I was intrigued to find out for myself what Gourdough’s was all about. Then when I heard that the toppings and fillings of these fried pieces of heaven varied from bacon to marshmallow crème and fudge to grilled fruit, I had to get down there as soon as possible.

I convinced a couple of friends to join me and we headed down for an adventure to find this infamous donut trailer. Parking was a hassle, as it seemed that everyone was on the same mission I was on, but we finally found a spot on a side street then walked over.

The menu. The variations. How are these donut creations thought of? Do I order something savory with fried chicken and honey butter or Canadian bacon, cream cheese and jalepeno jelly or something sweet with apple pie topping, roasted peanuts and caramel or grilled bananas with cream cheese icing and brown sugar? There were just too many options to contemplate but my friends and I wanted to try a couple of bites of various donuts so we ordered a Flying Pig (bacon with maple syrup icing), Heavenly Hash (marshmallow with chocolate fudge icing topped with fudge candy) and a Baby Rattler (fudge icing and fudge Oreos with gummy rattlesnakes).

Heavenly Hash

Flying Pig

When this place says they’ve got “big. fat. donuts.” they aren’t lying, those things were monstrous! The bacon on the Flying Pig was perfectly crispy and smothered in the sweet maple syrup icing. Between the textures and flavors of the chewy dough, bacon and icing, I had explosions in my mouth. The marshmallow oozing out of the middle and off the sides of the donut, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce drizzled over brownie bites sitting atop the mountain of heaven made me realize why they called it the Heavenly Hash. I had to make sure to leave room for a couple of bites of the Baby Rattler, which was my least favorite out of the three we ordered. The fudge icing over the donut wasn’t as amazing as I had hoped but the crunchy Oreos amidst the chewy gummy snakes provided a fun sensation while eating.

Taking a few last sips of my glass of milk, I reflected on what concoctions I had just eaten on a donut and the amount of calories I had just consumed. Did I care? Nah. Was it amazing and totally worth it? Yes. Will I be back? Maybe after a 10 mile run.


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