I’m a sucker for sushi. I mean, I really really love sushi. Here is LA, in Marina Del Rey to be exact is my favorite sushi restaurant ever. It’s so low key, has a beach vibe, reasonable prices, great service, cool atmosphere, and some of the best (and most entertaining) sushi chefs around…it’s Kifune in Marina Del Rey.

Kifune is a staple of mine. I go here usually 1 out of 3 times when getting sushi, and they have something on their menu that is keeps me coming back: crispy spicy tuna – it’s pure heaven. Really, it is.

I wandered in here solo the other night because I was craving some seaweed salad, which is dynamite! This is one of the few sushi places that I’ve been to that you can just wander in, grub on some ridiculously good sushi, and be on your way in 30 minutes.

If you go here, I highly recommend this meal:

Seaweed Salad – so fresh, crisp, and just FULL of flavor. It’s tangy, and has the perfect balance of citrus, sweet, and savory. Just out of this world.

Shiitake Mushroom Roll – this roll is so unique. It’s served somewhat warm, and is just oh-so-savory and satisfying. Besides the shiitake mushrooms, it has a nice addition of scallops. The sauces they serve on the side really compliment it. One is savory, and the other is spicy with a hit of citrus.

And now for the BEST. SUSHI. EVER.

Crispy Spicy Tuna – this by far is my favorite of all sushi. It’s crispy, super fresh tuna that has a very slight briny flavor, and has a perfect hit of heat from the jalapeño. Oh my god, it’s so good.

405 Washington Blvd.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292