Mmmm…mangos. Most people that I know seem to buy their mangos already pre-sliced. Have you ever attempted to slice a mango correctly? I mean, it’s not rocket science, but at the same time, it can be frustrating.

The L.A. Times posted a pretty helpful article on how to slice a mango. Here is how:

1. Use a sharp knife to peel the skin down in strips.

2. With the narrow side up, slice off the two “cheeks,” cutting close to the pit (you may need to feel with the knife to find the pit on the first slice).

3. Lay one cheek flat and cut into slices as thick as desired. Repeat with the other cheek.

4. If you’re preparing the fruit for pulp, use a spoon to scoop off as much flesh from the pit as possible.

Hopefully next month they’ll put out some tips on how to get at a pomegranate…

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