From the outside, there’s no implication that behind that dark door at 7929 Santa Monica lies one of the greatest beer selections in Los Angeles, even beating out The Other Room in Venice.

Once inside, you have a great layout with plenty of seating and numerous little nooks to slip away to with your beer, along with some funky 80’s music and usually something provocative on the TV’s…so far I’ve seen A Clockwork Orange and Blazing Saddles playing. The decor has a comfortable contemporary feel to it, almost like bars that you’ll find in Belgium. And guess what? No hipsters! (yet).

If you’re a beer connoisseur, then the Surly Goat is a MUST try. The owner (Ryan Sweeney) is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about beer, the process, and more importantly how to serve it properly (and with the correct glass). He hand selects a great, diverse variety of beer, mostly on tap, and you can get everything from sour beers, to rare stouts, and rumor has it that once a year, he even had some Pliney the Younger, which is some the single most difficult beer to get your hands on.

In addition to the amazing beer selection, he has a fantastic scotch and whiskey selection too, and even pours what others would consider premium choices as his wells. Win Win!

The Goat is still gaining popularity and slowly getting the word of mouth out as a great local watering hole. What this means is that you can actually go inside, sit at the bar and ask questions about the beer, and once you find your selection, you are able to slip away to a table somewhere with no hassle. I’m sure that as soon as the mainstream finds this place, it’ll be packed.

The only drawback about this place is that the parking situation is a bit difficult. Street only, and in that area, it’s pretty tough. I would suggest taking a cab and really treat yourself to some fantastic, rare beers.

The Surly Goat
7929 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 650-4628

The Surly Goat website

The Surly Goat on Facebook

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  1. Nice article on the Goat. I have yet to go there but I hear nothing but great things about it and I DO know that the ColLAboration event that Ryan Sweeney helped put together was my favorite beer event ever!

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