This is about a drink I conjured up back in my youth when some friends and I wanted to sneak alcohol into a movie theatre. As if we needed anymore that night, because we were all pretty well lit up. An acquaintance of mine, who shall remain nameless simply for the fact I don’t remember who it was, struck gold that evening due to some drunk stumbling out of a liquor store. The drunk suffered from bit of buyer’s remorse after purchasing a veritable cornucopia of those mini liquor bottles. This acquaintance purchased them off of the drunk at a discount and then distributed what he didn’t want amongst us. I ended up with a couple of mini bottles of Bailey’s Irish Crème.

After purchasing our tickets for Fire in the Sky, a love story about space aliens and lumberjacks, we snuck our newly acquired mini bottles of liquor into the movie theatre. I didn’t want to drink my Irish Crème straight because that didn’t seem too appetizing. So I went to the counter to purchase a fountain drink. For whatever reason, I purchased a root beer.

I then went into the dark semi filled theatre. After feeling my way around the darkness for what seemed a bit longer than a few minutes, I found my drunken chums and plopped into a seat next to them. They had already thrown a couple of drinks back in preparation for the Fire in the Sky. I pulled from out of my pocket the two bottles of Bailey’s and poured them into my root beer. After stirring it up a bit with my straw, I took a sip. Wow! It tasted like a root beer float, but without the ice cream and brain freeze. Talk about unexpected! I was so enamored with my new found invention, that I don’t remember how I left the theatre or how the movie ended. Did the lumberjack get the alien?

I have since made this drink quite a few times. I’m pretty sure that there are a ton of variations out there, but this one is really easy to make and it’s really good. I think a good proportion would be 1 shot of Irish Crème for every glass of root beer. That seems to work the best. From my experience I would say make sure it’s a high quality Irish Crème, because if it’s not, it’ll curdle and look really disgusting. I’m ashamed to admit that I once drank the curdled mix. However, it still tasted pretty good and I’m still alive. So if it does curdle on you, don’t be a sissy, drink it. It’ll put a smile on your lips.

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