So, wandering around Abbot Kinney in Venice today, I decided to get a snack from one of the swarming food trucks. Knowing that The Brig is ground zero to the trucks in Venice, I quickly headed over there. There were a few choices – Dogtown Dog, Dim Sum Truck, and one that I’ve never had before, Knockout Taco Truck.

They have a great menu, with some interesting taco choices. Potato tacos are my absolute favorite type of taco, so that was a no-brainer. When I asked how the blackened shrimp taco was, the guy said it was the hottest taco they served – not for the weak. That decided it…I got a taco de papas and a blackened shrimp taco.

The taco de papas was DELICIOUS! It was served in a perfect, crispy shell. I mean, this shell was amazing: perfectly shaped, and perfectly crispy. Often times when you get a crispy taco, the shell either breaks on the bottom or is a bit chewy due to the oil. The potato was excellent as well – creamy and flavorful.

Their blackened shrimp taco is the thing that separates the men from the boys. This thing was H.O.T.!!! This taco had perfectly cooked shrimp on top of a creamy cheese grits with bacon, and topped with a cajun sauce. Even though this taco was really hot, it had a ton of flavor. Delicious.

Next time, I think I’m gonna try the hawaiian tuna poke taco and the kurabuta pork belly taco. Can’t wait!

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